How to Make Penis Thicker and Longer Naturally | 10+ Easy Ways

The desire to have a larger penis is more psychological than physical. Research states that men who feel that their organ is not enough long or thick tend to lack self-confidence. These men are prone to low self-esteem and body image issues. So how to make penis thicker and longer naturally? Well, if you have been looking for an answer, this is your lucky day. There are many natural ways to enhance your penis size and that too without any side effects. Here are a few.

Natural Penis Enhancement Foods

Wondering how to make penis thicker and longer naturally? What better than the natural foods available around you. Below are a bunch of natural foods that are easily accessible no matter where you live on the earth. And these foods not only enhance your organ but they also improve your overall health as well.

  • Oysters

The two compounds that are imperative to your sex drive are zinc and vitamin B6. And oysters are rich in both. Consuming oysters on a regular basis can significantly boost your testosterone giving you bigger and better erections every time.

  • Spinach

How to make penis bigger while upgrading your overall health? The answer is spinach. It is popular for its cardiovascular benefits, but it can also benefit your organ a lot. As we know, spinach is rich in magnesium which is known to decrease inflammation in arteries and vessels. As the inflammation goes down, the blood flow improves to your extremities. And your penis automatically gains size.

  • Hot Sauce

You are wondering how to make penis thicker and longer naturally using food, but you are worried that you might have to eat ‘bland healthy’ food. You are wrong.  One thing that can help you on your journey is the hot sauce. Chilli pepper contains capsaicin which has been shown to increase the size of penis and improve your testosterone levels.

  • Pomegranate

The mighty red fruit can do wonders for your little guy. Pomegranate contains plenty of antioxidants that have been proven to improve erectile dysfunction. The antioxidants relax the blood vessels and allow for better blood flow. So the next time you catch yourself thinking about how to make penis thicker and longer naturally go grab a glass of pomegranate juice.

How to Make Penis Thicker and Longer Naturally 10 Easy Ways

  • Dark Chocolate

The magic of the dark chocolate is no secret in the world of sex. This is the tastiest answer to the question of how to enlarge penis by food. The main component of chocolate which is cacao lowers stress levels and boosts blood flow throughout your body. It also increases levels of the pleasure hormone serotonin. All of this works to give you stronger erections. Read: How Many Inches Do You Need to Please a Woman? Find Out!

  • Milk

Milk, especially the fortified kind can be very invigorating when it comes to sexual health. This is because of the richness of vitamin D in it. Vitamin D deficiency is a widespread issue. When you are deficient in vitamin D, your body starts to give rise to free radicals. These free radicals then become the enemy of nitric oxide which ensures healthy blood vessels. So a routine glass of milk can visibly enhance the appearance and vitality of your sex organs.

More Ways to Enlarge Your Penis

Researching multiple ways on how to make penis thicker and longer naturally? Here are a few more things you can club with your dietary changes to gain even more benefit.

  • Semen retention: It has been proven scientifically that abstaining from ejaculation for a few weeks can lead to better erections. This happens because not ejaculating frequently improves your libido and provides long-term sexual benefits.
  • Reduce belly fat: A flat belly really accentuates the size of your penis. Your penis is prone to look small if you have a belly pouch hanging over it. This is a fact!
  • Smoking cessation: Nicotine consumption is extremely harmful at various levels. It blocks your blood vessels, which means your penile muscles do not receive enough blood. Hence it slowly sabotages your sexual abilities. Keep the cigarettes away and witness your penis rejuvenating itself.
  • Exercise: Doing exercises that strengthen your core muscles and pelvic floor can prove to be beneficial. Ripped pelvic muscles help the penis in maintaining long-lasting erections during intercourse.
  • De-stress: Stress is often the main cause of poor performance in bed. Be it performance anxiety or low self-confidence, stress can kill your desire. It has also been known to reduce your penis size since the blood flows away from our extremities under stress. So you might want to take it easy.

Going crazy thinking how to make penis thicker and longer naturally? Don’t worry, you are not alone. This is a very common desire. And it’s not a crime to try to make your sexual self feel more confident. Try some of the natural ways mentioned above and see your penis improving in size day by day.