How to Increase Girth Size Fast | Increase Girth Permanently

For centuries, men all over the world have obsessed about the length of their penis. Several studies have been conducted to gauge the effect of having a short penis on man’s psyche. But the penis is a three-dimensional entity and there needs to be some talk about its girth as well. It has been shown that a thicker penis plays a comparatively more important role when it comes to satisfying your partner. So the question is how to increase girth size fast? Below are a bunch of very potent techniques to increase girth of your penis.

How to Increase Girth Size Fast? 6 Quick and Easy Tips:

  • Exercises

Your penis is nothing but a big blob of muscle and what better way to strengthen a muscle than with exercise? So here are two of the best girth exercises that have been shown to produce tangible results.

  • Jelqing

This is one of the most popular ‘how to increase girth size’ exercises. This is done when your penis is at least half-erect. All you have to do is massage the penis from the shaft to the tip of the penile head. Every time you reach the end of your penis, you have to stretch it a little. This is meant to improve the blood flow in your penis and open up any blockages. Read: How to Stay Hard Longer Without Coming? | 4 Quick Tips

  • Stretching

It is a very simple exercise where you hold the penis behind the head and stretch it outwards. You have to stretch it downwards, upwards, towards the right and the left. One stretch should last no more than 30 seconds and you can do this 100-200 times every day.

  • Supplements

Wondering how to increase girth size fast? You need to combine exercise with some dietary supplements to see the best results. Below are a couple of great supplements to increase girth of your penis.

How to Increase Girth Size Fast | Increase Girth Permanently

  • Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fats that our body needs for proper functioning. One of its functions is to reduce internal inflammation. This, in turn, leads to better blood flow in the penile blood vessels. The better the blood circulation the bigger the erections will be. Read: How Many Inches Do You Need to Please a Woman? Find Out!

  • Vitamin B5

Thinking to yourself, how to increase girth permanently? One answer is to consume a healthy dose of vitamin B5 supplements regularly. This vitamin aids in the cell metabolism of the penile tissue. This has also been shown to significantly increase the girth of the penis.

Still thinking how to increase girth size fast? With regular exercise and proper diet, you will start to see the results in no time.