Exercises to Increase Penis Size | Best 3 Enlargement Exercises

The notion of ‘the bigger the better’ has seeped very well into the deep grounds of our society. Every day, a surprising number of men surf the internet for information on how to make penis bigger. Statistics reveal that most men are conscious about the size of their penis. And this is because of the fear of judgment that might come from their partner. Well, the penis, at its very core, is only a muscle. And just like there are exercises to tone and bulk up all other muscles in the body, there are exercises to increase penis size too. Below are a bunch of stretching exercises to help your little friend grow.

Best 3 Penis Enlargement Exercises You Must Try:

The Ultimate Stretch

This one’s for beginners and does not involve much chance of injury. You have to start by retracting the foreskin all the way up. Then grip your flaccid penis from right under the head/glans and do an outward pull. Hold the pull for around 30 seconds and repeat the stretch 3-5 times. Every time you pull, change the direction. For example, pull it upwards, downwards, towards the left and right. It is great for increasing the length of your organ.

The Thumb Stretcher

This exercise to increase penis size is for those of you who already have some experience with penis enlargement exercises. It can significantly improve the length of the penis if practiced regularly. Start in the same manner by retracting the foreskin and gripping the flaccid penis from right under the head/glans. Now, place your other hand’s thumb at the base of the penis and press the thumb towards the knees. Work for both hands at the same time for around 30 seconds and repeat 2-4 times. Keep changing the spot of your thumb with every repetition. Read: How to Increase Size of Penis Using Hand | 5 Stretching Ways

Exercises to Increase Penis Size | Best 3 Enlargement Exercises


Jelqing is one of the most popular exercises to increase penis size. This is done when the penis is considerably erect. In this, you use a lubricant and perform pressing massage from the very bottom of your penis to the top/right under the penis head. The movement resembles the process of milking an animal. It increased the blood flow to the whole organ resulting in an increase in girth and length. Read: How to Make Penis Thicker and Longer Naturally | 10+ Easy Ways

Wondering how to make penis bigger is not a crime. It is an absolutely fair desire. Fortunately, you can exercise to increase your penis size. So go and get some sweats rolling.