Best Drivers for Slice: Top 10 Golf Drivers for Slice Reviewed

For some golf is a game of calmness and perseverance, others see it as a neverending chance to better themselves. If you are a beginner, you have most certainly asked yourself how do I stop slicing the golf ball? Well, you sure are at the right place. We are going to explore what causes you to slice the golf ball, how to fix it and we will review the best drivers for slice.

Golf 101

By now, you probably know that the point of the game is to putt the ball with the least strikes. We will go over the basics of golf before we take a deep dive in techniques that will help you with slicing. Depending on the distance you need to get the ball across, you can choose different shots. For the shots to be as precise as possible, the player uses different golf clubs. Here’s a list of the most common golf shots:

  • “Drive” is a shot used for long distances, it is meant to move the ball as far away as possible.
  • “Punch” is used to keep the ball close to the ground. Usually it comes handy when the player tries to avoid the ball getting stuck in sand or the trees.
  • “Flop” is the complete opposite shot of a punch. The player uses this shot and to get the ball over obstacles like tree trunks, rocks etc.
  • “Chip” is when the player takes a shot without using his full swing. Typically players use them to approach short distances.
  • “Approach” is used when the player tries to swing the ball as close to green or on the green. For this shot, the player uses an iron club.
  • “Putt” is used for a short distance. Usually, this is the most important shot in a round of golf.

Best Drivers for Slice Top 10 Golf Drivers for Slice Reviewed

Bad Golf Shots

When the player hits the ball badly it usually leads to a very embarrassing moment. This can be allocated to the force, proximity, and velocity of the shot. The most common bad golf shots are:

  • Shank which is when the player misses the ball.
  • Top, when the player hits the ball above the center and the ball starts spinning.
  • Fat, it happens when the club hits the ground before it hits the ball. The player ends up digging a hole and hits the ball with very little power.

What Is a Slice?

Something even worse that can happen to a golf player is slicing the golf ball. A slice is when the player strikes the ball good, but it doesn’t go straight. The ball slices off course into the opposite side it was hit to go. For example, if the player is right-handed the ball goes left to right. So you can imagine the frustration of the golfer that is choosing the right shot and the ball goes the complete opposite way. What’s worse is the fact the shot losses distance as it’s making a sidespin. Read more: How to Swing a Golf Club for Beginners | Step by Step Detailed GUIDE

Slices are the number one issue for most amateur players. They can happen with any shot the player takes, but most commonly they happen at the beginning of the game. The drive shots most often end up in a slice. This is due to the wide sweep of the club. When the player slices the ball, they hit the ball with an open clubface. Which means that the players’ palm is facing the sky. The open clubface results in the shot moving to the right. To fix this you should look into your technique and the best drivers for slice shots.

Reasons Why Slices Happen

As mentioned an open clubface at impact causes you to slice the ball. Here are some reasons why this could be happening to you:

  • Swinging with the shoulders or arms. One of the reasons why you might be slicing the ball is that you are relying on your shoulders or arms to start the swing, instead of your lower body. This means that you rotate your upper body and therefore slice the ball.
  • Poor positioning. Some players try to aim farther left in order to fix the slice. This only makes things worse as it only makes the slice bigger.
  • Bad grasp. If your grasp of the club is weak it will result in an open clubface. Players that often face slides should definitely consider changing their grip.

How to Stop Slicing the Golf Ball

After figuring out the reasons why this might be happening to you, here are some tips on how to make it stop.

  • Make sure your shaft has the right flex. Your equipment can affect the flight of the ball. If the shaft of the club has too much flex. This is especially important for the driver shaft.
  • Work on your swing path. To achieve this you should slightly drop your right foot back. This will improve your swing path.
  • Make your grip stronger. Try turning your hand to the right, this will improve the squareness of the clubface when you hit the ball. A weak grip is when the thumbs are pointing straight down the handle. To make your grip stronger, turn your hands away from the target. Gripping the club tightly keeps the hands from releasing it when you hit the ball.
  • Try not to aim the opposite way. As mentioned before, this will not help you get rid of the slice.
  • Improve the squaring of the clubface. This is the easiest way to stop slicing the ball. The longer the shaft of a driver the harder it is to square it.
  • Choose the right driver. Choosing the right driver can greatly impact the slicing.

How to Choose the Best Driver for Slice

Now just choosing the right driver won’t automatically correct your slice. It will definitely help you improve your technique and get you on the right path. Most players that slice the golf ball uses a driver with too little loft. Bigger lofts help you move the weight to the clubhead’s heel.

The driver is the heaviest among the clubs and that affects your ability to square the shot. By choosing a lighter drive you make it easier for yourself to achieve a square clubface on impact. Choosing a graphite shaft driver can really help you with slicing.

Clubs that have oversized grips make it easier for the player to control the shot. This way you can swing and stay on the right path. When choosing a driver, you should definitely consider this to improve your slice.

A club that has a larger face will allow you more room to get the perfect shot. Even if you don’t get the perfect shot this club will prevent it from being too off-center. This way you would be able to control your swing and achieve a square.

Offset drivers are specially made for players that slice. The club is designed so that the clubface isn’t aligned with the shaft. The offset allows the player to have more time to get square before hitting the ball.

The 10 Best Drivers for Slice:

Considering all the tips on choosing the best driver for slice we have reviewed a lot of drivers and choose the best ones to help you. The market for drivers can certainly be overwhelming and finding the right fit can be stressful. This is why we have made a list of the ten best drivers for slice on the market.

The good thing about this driver is its weight. It’s very light but very efficient at the same time. It looks very elegant and is priced reasonably. It is just amazing for improving the accuracy and precision of the swing. Which allows you to square before the impact of the ball. The club is designed to survive all conditions.

This is a large driver that is lightweight at the same time and has a low gravity center which makes it easier to square before hitting the ball. The offset hosel helps the player with aligning the target and get a straight shot. This club is very good at reducing your chance of slicing. Not only that it is efficient and sets you up for success it is very affordable compared to other clubs.

It’s not the most affordable choice but its performance is definitely worth it. The large head is just amazing for always taking the ball in the right direction. Even if you take an off-center strike. The club is designed to make the clubface look a bit more open that it is. This creates the illusion of a closer face and the player adjust their swing and achieve perfect squaring of the club head.

The driver allows you to achieve great distances. But it also helps with slicing. The D in the name stands for draw. Its design is multi-material which adds heel-weight that increases distance. This makes all the difference for amateur golfers that are prone to slicing. On top of that, it is very reasonably priced. Overall it is an amazing driver for slicers.

Taylormade 2017 M2 D-Type Driver - Best Drivers for Slice Top 10 Golf Drivers for Slice Reviewed

This driver’s’ loft is increased and helps you achieve higher shots with a great distance. The club head is designed with aerodynamic speed sloths to improve the speed. This is one of the most modestly priced drivers you’d be able to find. It really helps you with fixing the slices at a very affordable price.

It has a smaller club head which makes it lightweight. The reduced weight will help the player square the club before impact. The club has heel weights which is very beneficial for eliminating slicing. The increased loft increases the benefits of the club and enables the player to really correct their slice. However, it is one of the priciest options.

The driver has a fast swing and is draw-biased. It has an adjustable face angle which helps with squaring before ball impact. The gravity center is one of the lowest on any club that exists. This generates great distance and makes for better dynamics. It is lightweight and aerodynamic and helps improve slicing. The price is also reasonable for the quality that it gives.

This is a driver that can effectively help you with eliminating slicing the ball. The club is engineered with special technologies that guarantee amazing space and distance. The large head enables you to make your shot even if you don’t center the ball properly. The club elevates your game to a pro level. And the price is appropriately high.

Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver - Best Drivers for Slice Top 10 Golf Drivers for Slice Reviewed

It has an adjustable hosel and a very large sweet spot. Therefore it is very forgiving even if you miss the center of the ball. It allows for great accuracy and distance. The design and technologies used will give you great speed. It is however pretty pricey.

It’s head club allows room for mistakes and enables you to hit the sweet spot even if you don’t center the ball properly. The offset design helps keep the ball centered and swing it on the right path. It gives great distance and speed. It is great for slice correction and is very, very affordable.

Final Advice

The slice is the most common problem golfers experience. A slice changes the direction of the ball and alters the play. This makes it hard to stick to your original plan for the game. There are a lot of things you can do to try and fix it. Investing in one of the best drivers for slice is one of them. Hopefully, we have helped you understand what causes you to slice and how to try to get rid of it. Often a slice is a result of bad equipment and you should not let this affect your game.

Getting the right equipment can change your swing and improve your game. Always make sure you purchase the best driver that will allow you to reach the best potential of your swing and get a straight trajectory. After getting the right driver for slice you should continue practicing your swing to improve.