Bushcraft Backpack | 5 Best Bushcraft Backpacks 2019

To be able to survive in nature it is vital that you have the right tools and some knowledge about how things work. If you’ve been out there you already know this. And if you are considering it, do not go out there without the right gear. Say you have all you need and have no idea how to pack it. You need a backpack that will not only fit all of your stuff but also enable you to use them as efficiently as possible and still be able to maintain your functionality and dexterity while wearing it. Choosing the right bag is always a stressful task, but choosing the best bushcraft backpack can mean the difference between life and death. Not to sound dramatic, but it really is an important part of your gear. We decided to help you out and created a bushcraft backpack review for you.

What Is Bushcraft?

Bushcraft is a term for surviving in nature using only your gear and natural resources. Bushcrafters create their own shelter from branches and trees, chop their wood to light their fire, hunt, skin, chop and cook their own food, etc.

Bushcraft Backpack 5 Best Bushcraft Backpacks

As you can probably tell, it is really important to have good tools. And of course, a good, practical place to store them. Like a bushcraft backpack or a bushcraft rucksack. These backpacks are great for casual day trips and for surviving a long time in the wild.

How to Choose a Bushcraft Backpack

It is very important that it enables you to pack all of your gear in a small package. Besides that, it has to be made from durable materials so it can withstand all kinds of weather and all sorts of situations. The better quality ones have a metal frame for better longevity.

A bushcraft backpack is designed for long outdoor use. Its purpose is to make it possible for the user to pack all the supplies needed for a long outdoor trip. And organize them in a way that is efficient and enables the person to be quick to react and navigate in tricky situations. The price doesn’t necessarily need to be high. There are some great quality and capacity backpacks that are budget-friendly. We have included s lot of them in our list. Read: 10 Best Bushcraft Knives | Bushcraft Knife Put to the Test

If your bushcraft backpack has all these components, you are good to go. If not or if you’re in the market for the right one, keep reading, this review is for you.

Which Bushcraft Backpack Is the Best:

  1. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Backpack

This bushcraft backpack is made out of quality and durable materials, the external frame is from water-resistant, high-quality nylon. The freighter frame js from aluminum, which allows for it to be lightweight. Its capacity is 86L and has multiple compartments. These include a front pocket, two side pockets a flashlight holder and a lashing system that you can hang a small game on. This bushcraft backpack has a lot of space and is very versatile, which makes it worth the money, and it isn’t very expensive.

  1. Eberlestock G4 Operator Pack

This is the most ergonomically designed bushcraft backpack and is extremely durable. The capacity is 77L and it has lots of compartments like pockets and loops to organize your stuff. The backpack has a tube pocket that can be used for water supply. The frame is made of aluminium and the external frame is from high-quality nylon. It’s water-resistant and has a special full-length cover to make it waterproof in case of rainfall. It is very comfortable and extremely versatile. Being the top ergonomic bushcraft backpack, it is not cheap, but definitely worth it.

  1. Karrimor SF Sabre 45 Backpack 

This is an amazing budget-friendly bushcraft backpack. It is made out of 1000D ballistic nylon, which is extremely durable. The main capacity is 45L, but it is very buildable. It has side loops for tools like axes. Its frame is made of a rigid backplate and that makes it possible for you to carry heavier loads. It is very comfortable, the shoulder straps are padded on the backside. It is great quality and a very versatile backpack. You can attach two extra bags, in case you need to increase the capacity. You have to buy those separately.

Karrimor SF Sabre 45 Backpack  - Bushcraft Backpack 5 Best Bushcraft Backpacks

  1. OneTigris Outdoor Rover 50L Pack

This is another high quality, medium-sized bushcraft backpack that is budget-friendly. It has a capacity of 50L which can hold up bushcraft essentials for 3-4 days. It’s made out of 1000D nylon, which makes it very durable, so you can practically use it forever. It is buildable, you can add even more pockets and extensions. It has a built-in hip belt for better stabilization a d padded straps for comfort. All in all, it is a great and well-built backpack for the price. It even comes with a hydration pocket. Read more: Bushcraft Axe | 5 Best Bushcraft Axes Review 2019

  1. Gootium 21101 Thick Canvas Backpack

This is the simplest and cheapest entry on our list. It is a great bushcraft backpack for hikes and daily trips in the wilderness. The capacity is 33L, it has a large compartment and two side pockets, an internal security pocket and a front one. It is made of pure cotton fiber, which is very durable but not waterproof. It does, however, a cover to make it water-resistant. The shoulder straps are padded for greater comfort. The bag is very lightweight but has no frame to make the rigidity better.

A bushcraft backpack is made out of durable materials and has enough space to make it possible for you to survive out there for a longer period of time. This list contains the best choices for a bushcraft backpack, hopefully, you’ll find the one for your needs and preferences. Remember that the capacity and organization are a very important feature of a bushcraft backpack. But don’t forget about comfort, you are going to have this thing on your back for days after all.