Best Automatic Watches Under $1500 Review & Buying Guide

The rigid boundaries of men’s fashion accessories are expanding with more variations and alternatives than ever before. Men across the globe are experimenting with fashion trends, accessories, colours and a lot more. The manly beards are open to express and embrace style defying gender norms. In today’s active and fast-paced life, automatic watches are a timeless addition to the men’s lifestyle. They are stylish with a super smooth transition and go well with every attire. However, the automatic watches can be quite expensive; hence, we have listed the best automatic watches under $1500 with reviews to narrow down your choices and save some bucks too.

Best Automatic Watches Under $1500

  1. Marathon Watch WW194026

The Marathon is one of the finest in the automatic collection. The design is an epitome of simplicity and elegance. Designed to be used by military personnel, the watch is highly durable, self-illuminating and water-resistant up to 100 feet underwater. The tritium gas tubes glow in the dark for an accurate reading. The clock is assembled to make it easily readable under any circumstances whether you are diving in an ocean or a dark area.

The minimalist design offers a distinct choice for a formal event or a casual outing. Its looks elegant with the metal bracelet but one can opt for a rubber strap too. We are quite impressed by the stylish and affordable Swiss watch. The scratch-resistant sapphire glass crystal ensures endurance. The custom-fit watch offers superior comfort and guarantees the highest level of accuracy, with 12 and 24-hour numbers engraved to perfection.

  1. Marvin Swiss Waterproof Automatic Watch

The casual diver watch is beautifully made timepiece that stands out with serious enthusiastic appeal. The self-contained watch is waterproof up to 200m, which makes it perfect for Diving or Underwater Sport. The 43 mm black dial looks perfect on the wrist with red nylon straps to complete the sporty look. The dive watch is right for all occasions.

Overall the case has a rugged look. The highly legible hour markers up the military feel of the watch and a date window at the 3′ O’clock is easy to read. The automatic watch has subtle detailing with a scratch-resistant sapphire that makes it a front runner in the best mechanical watches under $1500 if you are looking for a sporty look.

  1. Oceaneva Marine Explorer Limited Edition

Flaunting the 1000M Pro Diver Wrist Watch can make you feel elegance at its best. The stainless steel exterior with greyish dial and black border accomplishes one of a kind appearance. The Limited Edition men’s automatic watch will empower you to own just 1 of the 1000 pieces made across the globe.

The waterproof watch will accompany you on your chronicle underwater adventures showing you accurate time up to 1000m. The stunning head-turner piece has a scratch-proof anti-reflective domed sapphire crystal to make the beauty ageless. The Oceaneva Swiss automatic it’s just big on style but functionality too. It features 26 jewels, 38-hour power reverse, Quick Date at 3′ O’clock so that you can wear your watch with confidence. However, it’s best to be avoided by small wristed men.

  1. Mazzucato Rim Reversible Chronograph Watch

The elegant and sporty chronograph watch is designed for high-level performance. Its unique look, high-quality material and functionality make this one of the best in our best automatic watches under $1500 worthy of applause. Aside from appearance, hypoallergenic surgical steel watch offers various features. The ‘Reverse’ system enables the dial to be inverted in both directions. The quick-release catch loosens the crown from its protection by rotating the crown protector. Specially built arms support the case to rotate freely, and a recognisable click notifies when the case is in the correct setting.

The coolest part of the deal though is the overlay dual-tone dial structure which makes this look like a watch that costs much more than it does. A glossy gunmetal silicone strap finishes things off in style. It stands out both in quality and distinctive design.

  1. Pionier GM-505-3

The Pionier GM-505-3 is one of the most worthy members in the best automatic watches under $1500 collection. The 44mm stainless steel diamond-studded dial is undoubtedly a masterpiece. You can behold the chronograph skeleton that automatically unwinds gains both their aesthetic appeal and strength form corrosion-resistant material.

The luxurious watch has a black dial with gold finishing touch to for the perfect fusion of elegant and modern look. The black leather material straps are clasped with a deployment buckle that secures the watch on your hand. The watch is exceedingly popular for its high eye-catching hue and intricate design.

How to Choose the Best Automatic Watch Under $1500

Believe it or not, watches are more than just an accessory for men. It defines one’s outlook and taste. The stylish accessory can serve as a conversation opener at office, events, meetings or date. Buying an automatic watch is an investment as it adds to the quality of life-giving your luxurious experience, and besides, they last longer compared to other counterparts.

Factors to Help You Find the Perfect Automatic Watch Under $1500

There are different parameters to consider before you indulge in the expensive purchase. Cost or manufacturer is more of a secondary factor when it comes to buying an automatic watch. Apart from automatic features, there are four main factors to consider before purchasing a mechanical watch.

  • Style

The watch reflects your personality and sense of style. It’s one of the few accessories that are known to boost your confidence and exhibit elegance at the same time. However, it’s essential to find the right fit and style that compliments your taste. There are multiple styles of dial right from a single tone; dual-tone, diamond-studded, chronograph, etc. dial variants. You may as well choose to swap the belts to create a suitable look for an occasion.

  • Dial

Multiple dial options are trending in the watch circuits. You need to consider the dial colour, style of hour hands, placement of date, time zones, numbers etc. The dial is one of the primary features when it comes to watch selection. Decide if you want to go by a minimalistic design or a busy dial with stylish features.

  • Price

Once you have finalized on the style, you can call the cards for your budget too. Our guide lists the best automatic watches under $1500 that assure quality, durability and elegance. However, if you intend to buy a watch for a lower price, ensure the cost and quality goes hand in hand. It’s better to invest in quality that endures the test of time than a cheaper version that might fade within a year.

  • Brand

Multiple platforms are offering a fake or first copy of trending watches. To avoid falling into such traps, its best to purchase watches from official online or physical stores.

Best Automatic Watches Under $1500 Top Picks for 2019

Final Verdict

Choosing the best automatic watch under $1500 that passes your qualifications may be a long process, but it need not be hard. Each watch is designed creatively and engineered for a definite purpose. We have listed different automatic watches with features and specification along with review to help you make the purchase. Following is a quick verdict to help you make the final call.

  • If you are looking for rusticity and versatility Oceaneva’s Marine Explorer can sweep you off your feet.
  • If you have a knack for an exceptional watch that has you back in dark situations Marathon WW194026 is your best bet.
  • When it comes to dress watches Marvin Swiss watch boasts off an elegant and classy appeal. This watch has the right aggregate of class and functionality, which is precise for a fast-paced life or outdoor activity. It boasts a rugged look with premium features that make it your best travel companion.
  • If you prefer to get your hands on the head turner watch that steals the thunder go for Mazzucato Chronograph Watch or Pionier. Both hold bizarre design with striking features and colour combinations. They endorse increasingly rare feature in the watch world of busy dials.


Every man should own one luxury watch in his collection that stands the test of time to narrate the success story. You don’t need to spend a whopping sum to achieve a sophisticated look. You can buy some of the best watches under $1500, which can mark down many high-end options. Automatic watches are the best investment as they are smarter than your average luxury watch oozing the same amount of elegance.

If you are considering shelling out your hard-earned money on a luxury watch, make sure you research thoroughly. Opt for a watch you can wear in a casual, formal or sporty setting. If you are looking for a kick-ass watch that will serve you for a long time then the automatic watch is your safest bet. Do browse the official online portals to avails discounts.